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To whom it may concern,

Exhale Womanís Fellowship is a great supportive group of women who has helped me gain and maintain stability as a single
parent. I am a single mother of two boys who experienced financial hardship after separating from my husband. When I separated
from my husband I was working part time in search of a full time position. I was stuck with a car payment that I couldnít afford
and didnít know what to do.† This was a very dark time in my life and the women of Exhale helped me to see my way out of a
very dark time in my life.

Exhale gave me hope for the future. Their words and actions is the reason I was able to get out of a bad situation. Linda was
very supportive and told me about her struggles and how she too came out of a bad situation. Her words of encouragement gave
me strength when I was weak. Another lady also helped me with my resume, interviewing skills, and how to dress
professionally. Myra met with me several times and encouraged me when I felt overwhelmed and ready to give up.

I donít know where I would be without the help and support from the women of Exhale. They helped me make two of my car
payments which I greatly appreciated. I didnít want to lose my car while looking for full time employment.

Finally, I did find a full time position and have been there for about 5 months and then found a great opportunity with the state. I
resigned form one job and went straight to the next. My current career is one with great hours, benefits, and excellent
opportunity for advancement. I am very appreciative of the help Exhale has given me and I look forward to helping others.†


October 3, 2017

I wanted to write this letter to inform you of how Exhale Women's organization played a very important part in my healing and
progress after losing my place where I was living and the Exhale Women's organization helped ease the enormous stress and
pressure I was facing. I met Carol a while back at our church and she gave me her card and a brochure on the organization not
knowing that I would NEED her help and she with her Beautiful and outstanding kind spirit Carol dove right into helping me and
was determined to get me back on my feet. It was important that you follow their instructions in order for you to see your
finished product.

I want to Thank Carol for her sincere heart and her comforting words to help me get through a very crazy time in my life. Carol
introduced me to another amazing person by the name of Rayshell who took time to meet with me to go over goals to set and
prioritize my life her name is Rayshell Love an AWESOME and AMAZING mentor! It seemed like a long and ruff time as I was
going through and that nothing was going to change, but God began to opened doors for me, the people who God put in my life
and path worked with me Exhale contacted me often, encouraging sent me scriptures to read and meditate on to stay in the faith
when I wanted to give up!. God is AWESOME and A Wonder he knows exactly who and what you need to HELP you.
Never give up on HOPE, God's got You!

With Love