Not a hand out, but a hand up!

Valentine’s Day Event- Our Marquee Event
Women enjoy an evening at an upscale venue. Lively ,interactive program designed to uplift, inspire and encourage over 250
attendees. All leave with a gift bag and heart shaped jewelry piece. This program is done at absolutely no cost to the attendees .

Your Next Step Book Club
Anmempowering snd ongoing weekly gathering of women who meet to discuss books to get you

Marriage and Family University
Instruction and discussion featuring the biblical principles of women’s roles in marriage and family.

Covenant Wealth Financial Literacy Conference- “Investing God’s Way”
Instruction from successful community members on real-life experiences and practical steps to financial growth.

Adopt a Mom/ Heart of Mercy Program
Provision of emergency assistance for women in crisis through community resources. This program handles emergency situations and
also seeks to fill voids that are not addressed by government assistance.

Coach Bag Bingo Fundraiser

Fun Fellowships

Empowering individuals to develop new skills, knowledge and attitudes in order to set and reach important life goals
Brenda Collier encourages women who experience sadness during the Holiday Season Covenant Wealth Conference
Exhale Women's Fellowship
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